“It was like heaven…I feel an energizing relaxation.”

                                                                                                  J. L., Industrial Financial Analyst


“I can feel you working all the specific little muscles…It feels good.”

                                                                                                       C. S., Research Psychologist


“I have decreased pain, increased energy, more self-confidence in managing my condition, and less fear and anxiety.”

                                                                                                D. B., Librarian with fibromyalgia


“You have helped me to relax and become acquainted again with parts of my body where I had little feeling.”

                                                                                                                    D. F., Stroke Survivor


“D. has come a long way since his stroke.  I feel your work with him has contributed greatly to his progress.”

                                                                                                                         P. F., Wife of D. F.


“Karen is able to ‘prescribe’ for her clients.  She knows what each person needs.  Each session is different and is a satisfying response to the client’s needs…I feel heard and understood.”

                                                                                            A. N., Writer, Teacher and Lecturer


“I am so much more aware of how interconnected everything in my body is.  I never realized that tension in my lower back could be connected to tension in my upper back and neck.  But, as you work with me, I feel those connections as something releases in my lower back and I also feel it releasing up in my upper back and neck.  It feels like you are doing so much more than just working my external muscles; your work reaches the core of my body.”

                                                                                 D. C., Power Plant Operations Supervisor


“I feel relaxed and energized.  The other day, someone asked me how old I was.  He’s 48 years old and he saw me dancing around energetically, as I washed my car.  When I told him that I am 61, he said that I was moving like a man in his 40s.


Your work is helping me in my running too.  I don’t have to push as hard as I used to, to get the same results; I’m running better and stronger with less effort.  The breathing you taught me helps me with hills and difficult parts of a run, and the relaxation in my shoulders, arms, hands and dangling feet helps me run longer, freer and with more ease.  My new motto is: ‘Gain without Pain’.”

                                                                         J. H., Paramedic, Runner & Retired Firefighter


“Thank you so much for all the healing work you have done with me this year.  I can tell a big difference since we started working together—both with my headaches and colitis. Your magical healing touch has made a difficult healing curve much smoother for me and brought me huge comfort and relief from deep, old pain.  Thank you so much!  You have a wonderful gift and I am so lucky to be your client and to be blessed by your fabulous talent.”


                                                                                                                      R. M., Photographer


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